London is a wonderful place filled with history and amazing scenery. London: The Game for iPad lets you explore London while playing with 3 other people (or a computer if you lack in the friends department) a game that is based on popular points of interest and history facts.

You’ll begin London: The Game with an in-depth tutorial that will teach you how the game works. Tutorials are usually taken for granted but they are absolutely a must when it comes to complex games such as this one. With the in-game tutorial I was able to get up to speed very quickly in order to understand how it works and even beat it several times. The tutorial was especially useful in describing the special moves that can be done in order to further yourself in the game. Without it, the learning curve would be much steeper than desired. The game itself is designed like a board game on the iPad. In fact, it more or less is a board, that is played on a touch screen rather than a board. You’ll begin your turn by selecting a dice from a collection of randomly chosen dice. It is first come, first serve for dice blocks so players who choose first get priority over which dice block they get. The number that you receive on your dice block will determine how many spaces you can move your player on the map. Sometimes less is more, and only moving 2 spaces compared to 10 can give you much more. But be careful, by choosing a higher number on the dice, will take away from your opponents turn, so go ahead and choose the best dice possible. The idea is to move your player to active points of interest where you will receive cards that can be played in order to advance on the timeline. The timeline starts at 43BC and end at 2012. The first player to reach 2012 wins the game. The cards picked up at POIs will let you move anywhere from 1-3 spaces on the timeline. There are 16 spaces to move from 43BC to 2012. While this may sound easy, not all cards will allow you to move spaces and certain cards must be played while at specific points of interest. There are also cards that can skip your opponents turn and help out in the game in general. These cards don’t have “timeline” value, but may help further your game by slowing down your opponents.

Overall, I found the game to be extremely addicting and very well made. All the details in the graphics, animations and transitions look complete and offer a very aesthetically pleasing user experience. From a functional point of view, the game is also very easy to play once you familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures via the tutorial. London: The Game is an awesome iPad app for people of all ages and I highly recommend that you check it out. Already played it? Let us know how you like down in the comments below!

Check out London: The Game for iPad on the App Store!

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