Lost ChaptersRole playing games can be really engaging and a lot of fun if done properly. One such game that we’re looking at today is called Lost Chapters HD for iOS, available as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

Lost Chapters HD is about a little team that are living on an uninhabited island and your job is to guide them through the tasks required to survive and expand their colony. The interesting thing about Lost Chapters HD is that you don’t actually control the little characters individually, but rather select various tasks around the island and the closest character will make their way to the destination and begin the job. Once you’ve used up all your people, you have to wait for at least one to finish in order to assign a new job. Various tasks consist of cutting bushes, scrapping for gold, eliminating crabs and many more. Simply tap once to select a task and tap again to start it. A very helpful tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to familiarize yourself with the game. It is in fact very straightforward and really easy to start playing. As you move on, you’ll have to manage your resources carefully. As in every good RPG, resources are the lifeblood of your game. Run out of resources, and there isn’t much you can do. The three vital resource you deal with here are food, water and wood. While there are others, like coins, these three are the main ones that are required for just about any task. As you might imagine, doing these tasks will unlock possibilities to gain more of the resource in order to even more tasks. And the loop continues.

Overall, my experience with Lost Chapters HD was very good and I thought that game was extremely well done. The graphics are pleasant and not overly complicated. A nice touch of background music keeps the game alive and an extremely helpful tutorial and quirky dialog between the characters really helps you learn the game faster and with less effort. If you’re interested in a great free game that has tons of potential to be a wonderful time killer, then Lost Chapters HD is your next download on the App Store.

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