Luv BytesValentine’s Day is fast approaching, with just one week left to make plan, schedule reservations and of course, prepare your iPad with awesome app to send Valentine’s cards to your loved one(s). Today I’ll be showing you Luv Bytes.

Luv Bytes is a cool little application designed only for iPad, and its sole purpose in life is to make your Valentine’s Day of 2013 a really good e-card experience. E-cards are becoming more and more popular and these days, with just a few taps you can whip up an e-card on your iPad in no time. Its environmentally friendly, you skip the shopping mall crowds and its just so much more convenient. Luv Bytes makes this entire process even easier by offering you very specialized e-cards just for Valentine’s Day. For just a buck, you’ll have access to 15 very well designed cards, which are 100% customizable. Each one of them comes with placeholder text, and if you would like to keep the message, simply change the names around and you’re ready to send. If, on the other hand, you have a great personal message, than simply tap on the text, type up your own and just as easily you’re ready to go! Its as easy as that, and Luv Bytes also has the option to share on Facebook, Twitter, and of course Email.

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Overall, I found that Luv Bytes is extremely intuitive and easy to use. There virtually no learning curve, and its just a matter of typing up your own message and pressing the send button. There is significantly less hassle compared to conventional paper cards, and many people prefer to receive a card in the email anyway. So go green this Valentine’s Day and opt for a an e-card via Luv Bytes.

Check out Luv Bytes for iPad on the App Store!

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