Mad ChickensToday we’re taking a look at an iPhone game called Mad Chickens by Schon Entertainment. While the name and first glimpse at the screenshots very strongly suggest that it might be an Angry Birds-like game, lets go ahead and dive in a little deeper.

Mad Chickens is supposedly about some crazy chickens that are taking over farms across the globe and its your job to put an end to it. This is the story you will find in the iTunes description, and as hard as you might look, you won’t find it in the game for some reason beyond my understanding. On the opening screen you will find, however, the play button and the highscore button, which at first glance do the exact same thing. I was extremely puzzled at first but then discovered that the grid of levels will open for each section, but the highscore section will display your scores below each one without the ability to select them. To jump straight into the game, go ahead and tap the play button. Your objective is to destroy all the chickens and the eggs. You’ll do so by tapping on the structures to bring up an axe that will collapse various pieces and cause them to fall on the chickens. Various types of chickens have different weaknesses. For example, some chickens must fall to the ground and some must be hit from the top. Unlike Angry Birds, with Mad Chickens you don’t have to slingshot birds into structures, but rather collapse the structures by tapping on them with your fingers.

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While the tap-to-destroy method does seem easier than aim-and-shoot, it is also less exciting and in my opinion, gets boring very quickly. The accuracy of taps is also very poor due to the relatively small size of the structural pieces compared to your finger. So if are blessed with large hands, you can pretty much forget about playing Mad Chickens. The graphics also don’t support retina displays and overall appear to be very plain and unfinished. The game overall, in my opinion, also seems incomplete and is more of a pre-release than anything. With some extra work, Mad Chickens could really be something and I’m hoping that it will in the future.

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