Magnet Boy takes you a journey collecting the lost robot pieces through challenging level and cool game physics that make for a cool gaming experience.

Magnet Boy is all about magnets. In fact, the game play consists of tossing from one magnet to another. When you start playing Magnet Boy you’ll be introduced to the story of how the robot pieces went missing, and being the magnet boy that you are, your job is to go and collect them all. On each level there is one lost piece of the robot. Collect it along with the three stars on the level to finish. Although the stars are not necessary to finish, having all three is just that much more satisfactory. To navigate through the level, you will tap, drag and pull back on the magnet boy to show the trajectory line. He will be attached to magnet. Releasing magnet boy will launch him according to the trajectory you selected. He must fly from magnet to magnet and avoid falling on the ground where he cannot move. The trick is that magnets can be red or blue. If magnet boy is red, he will stick to blue magnets but will be repelled by red ones. Use both types to your advantage to finish the level successfully.

Overall, Magnet Boy is a fun game, with tons of nice graphics and the game play is actually quite realistic and smooth. The game in general is very well done and is kind of addicting when you start collecting all the robot pieces. As you collect each piece, it is revealed in the final image of the robot and it just motivates you to go out there and collect some more. Magnet Boy is a fun game and I encourage you to check if out for free on the App Store.

Check out Magnet Boy for iOS on the App Store!

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