Master KeyDo you like to write down your user names and passwords or bank information? Of course even if you would, doing so would compromise the privacy of you information. Now, however, you can log all your private info with a piece of mind with Master Key for iPhone.

Master key for iPhone is a new app that specializes in one thing – keeping your data secure. It does so using an advanced AES256 encryption algorithm so you can rest assured that your data is protected in a case of a stolen phone. Simply create a passcode that you would punch in like the standard iPhone passcode or you have the option of swiping a pattern on the keypad with your finger like on an Android device. The choice is yours and both options are extremely easy to use. If your memory works better visually with pattern, that may be a better alternative for you. Master Key is capable of keeping you credit card information, apple store and other account logins and any other private usernames, passwords and numbers.

If it happens that you have so much information to store that you need to organize it, Master Key will also help you do so with folders and categories. On the home screen you can create the primary categories and place accounts into appropriate categories. You can also just as easily create categories within the primary categories and so on. This will help you stay organized and help find information faster and easier. Master Key also has a very unique design that is creative and attractive. The animations are smooth and it looks like a complete product, unlike other app on the App Store.

If you are on the market for an app that will store your information securely, with and advanced AES256 encryption algorithm, you want to check out Master Key on the App Store.

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