If you or your kids love coloring, and lets be honest, we all did at one point, then I’ve got an application that you absolutely MUST download. Lets get into it.

Mix 2 Color is very simply the best kids colouring application on the App Store. Now, I’m not talking about Sketchbook Pro or Art Studio or anything meant for professional artists. I’m talking about a simple, easy-to-use, coloring-book-like app where anyone can pick it up and have a blast just coloring stuff in. Mix 2 Color is it. Its absolutely brilliant in every respect. Its polished, professionally crafted, awesome looking app. Mix 2 Color has two modes, Color a Picture and Draw a Picture. In reality, they are very similar but have their differences. If you decide to go with Draw a Picture first, you’re on your own. You’re given a blank pictures (with no colors) just like the classic coloring booklets that you used to love, and you are free to color anything in any color. Now, I must point out a very BIG feature that a lot of you may not even notice and take for granted. When you color over the blank picture outlines, they are not colored over and always remain visible. It may seem very simple but many coloring apps fail to in this respect and the final results is a very ugly-looking, poorly colored-in image. With Mix 2 Color this is not the case. Moving on to the second game mode Color a Picture you’ll find that you must follow a specific color patter outlined in a picture thumbnail. You must get the colors exact in order for it to work but its not always so simple. Sometimes you’ll notice that the color that you need is actually not there. This is where the mixing aspect of the game comes in. If you’re an adult then combining colors may seem easy but for a child this a new learning experience, which is always good. So if the color that you need is pink, you will have to mix red and white and then proceed to color in the image.

Overall, Mix 2 Color is a blast to use. Although my childhood is very far behind me, I still find this to be quite an enjoyable experience. The coloring tools and brushes work very well, are easy to select and an “Undo” button IS present, unlike in some other coloring applications. Mix 2 Color is a must-have for anyone with kids. Sacrifice a Starbucks coffee just for one day and grab Mix 2 Color for your kid instead.

Check out Mix 2 Color for iPad on the App Store!

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