MovieShopWith iOS devices becoming so ubiquitous and the usage of desktop computers declining, mobile app functionality is becoming increasingly more important. Especially when it comes to editing video on your iPhone. Today we’re taking a look at an app that will help you do just that – MovieShop for iOS.

It seems intuitive for the same devices that take extraordinary video footage to be able to edit and composite the clips into a production-quality product. Many tools exists to make this a reality, include MovieShop for iOS. MovieShop is available on both the iPhone and iPad as a universal, one-time fee app. It offers extensive functionality for editing video, audio and even stickers and photos. Any professional-grade editor needs a timeline-style editor and MovieShop features that as well. To enhance the final video product, the app provides transitions, filters, sounds effects and other goodies that are often found in desktop-level editing software. With some many tools at your disposal at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

MovieShop offers tons of features and functionality, however, my biggest problem with it is user experience. Tools and features are useless if you can’t figure out how to make use of them. From the very get go, you’ll be thrown into a massive guide on how to use the app, and that seems useful, but hardly intuitive. Without reading the guide, its virtually impossible to use the app as all icons and symbols are cryptic. The navigation, menus and buttons look really dated and don’t resemble anything you’d see in a modern app. Often times, you’ll find getting bombarded with panels sliding from the bottom to prompt for action, which makes navigation very confusing. Overall, it is incredibly difficult to use MovieShop and the learning curve is the steepest I’ve encountered of any app. MovieShop has potential. With enhanced UX and fluid usability it can provide amazing utility in editing video on the go. For now, I just don’t think it’s quite ready.

Check out MovieShop for iOS on the App Store!

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