My NutritionIf you’re looking to improve your diet, clean-up the food you’re eating on a daily basis and overall make better nutritional choices, My Nutrition for iPhone is an app that might interest you.

My Nutrition is an all-in-one tool that will help you find healthy food, analyze it, create recipes and keep track of your calories all in one place. Not only that, but My Nutrition helps you manage your entire family as well. You can easily browse a large database of available foods by category, keyword searching or by nutrient. So if you’re looking to increase your Vitamin C intake, searching for food that are high in Vitamin C is easy with latter option. Exploring each food is also an adventure as there is tons of information that you’ll have to sort through. Nutritional information is generally made available for 100g quantities, as well as common amounts like 1 item or recommended serving. Using the big tab controls, you can also switch between basic macronutrients like protein, fat and carbs, vitamins and minerals. Right from there, you can also add the food to your current diet plan. There are also other tools that will help managed family member nutrition and recipes.

While My Nutrition does have an all-in-one feel to it, I find that often-times a tool that can do everything, does nothing extremely well. I believe this is the case with My Nutrition. The interface is well designed for the most part, with some areas that could’ve been done better. The usability of the app is also somewhat average and I found the menu button extremely difficult to tap while using the app at a normal pace. I think the biggest problem I have is the price. At a cost of $0 the app will take no toll on your wallet. However, most useful features will cost $2 bucks a piece with the option to unlock all of the for $7 dollars! My Nutrition may be useful but in my opinion, there’s no proprietary wonders in there that justify the $7 price tag. Feel free to check it out for free and see what you think because after all, the food database will cost you nothing.

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