My Virtual BoyfriendRelationships can be hard sometimes, and sometimes they don’t work out at all. But don’t get discouraged, because now theres app for that.

My Virtual Boyfriend is a dating simulator where you take on a role of a virtual guy’s girlfriend. First, you obviously have to get to the girlfriend status which takes some creative and relatively straightforward flirting and dating on your part. The game consists of twenty levels at which you have progressively more options and alternatives for flirting and customizable men, so you can create the perfect guy for you. There are also interactive features, like 3D models so you can view your man from any angle, awards and achievements, activities you can partake in and many more that make dating a virtual boyfriend somewhat exciting.

The actual dating process consists of you choosing one on four ways to interact: actions, activities, interact (touch) and speak. Each of these categories has subcategories. The point of these interactions is to level up and win the heart of your man. However, if you make the wrong moves you can easily go down the levels as well.

As a compliment to My Virtual Girlfriend, My Virtual Boyfriend is a good idea. It is fun, easy to play, and keeps you entertained. Go ahead and check out My Virtual Boyfriend on the App Store and begging your virtual match making today.

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