Odyssey is all about shooting, flying, more shooting and collecting the precious iridium so you can buy upgrades and go shoot some more. If you like spaces shooters, this one should definitely be next on your list.

I must say that Odyssey is definitely a great looking game. With awesome sound effects, very high quality graphics, smooth gameplay, and very addictive rewards, Odyssey should be on every iPhone gamer’s list at least once. The game itself is very straightforward. You’ve on your own against the entire galaxy of invading ships and you must destroy them all. Of course the game will go on forever if you’re good enough but eventually they’ll get you, and its only a matter of time. To help your journey you have to collect iridium in order to upgrade your ship in the garage. There are also other ships available for purchase with various strengths and weakness. Your core strengths such as power, health and speed are also improved every time you level up. Iridium can help speed that process up as well. Overall, your goal is to last as long as possible and various upgrades will help you do so.

All in all, Odyssey was an amazing experience and there were really no complaints about any aspects of the game. The gameplay is smooth, controls are easy to use, and the overall experience is flawless as far as I can tell. I highly encourage you to check out Odyssey and let us know what you think! Post you comments down below, and be sure to share your experience with Odyssey for iPhone.

Check out Odyssey for iPhone on the App Store!

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