oneSafeAre you a little forgetful when it comes to online passwords? We all experience times of senility, and thankfully, we have oneSafe Essentials to help keep all those passwords, pins and keys secure.

oneSafe Essentials is an iPhone app that helps managed and organize passwords, credit card number, social insurance numbers and just about any private information that tends to be the most frequently forgotten. Its actually very easy to use. All that is required of you, is to choose various templates for different information, organize the contents into appropriate pages and/or section and finally lock up the app with a choice of passcode style. If you’ve been always drooling over the Android pattern unlock, then this is the perfect opportunity to use it to secure oneSafe Essentials. The idea is actually quite good, as all of the important information will always be at hand but at the same time, protected by the highest 256-bit AES encryption. With that in mind, you can always rest assured knowing that the private information you carry is secured well.

Overall, I thought oneSafe Essentials is an extremely well constructed app. Everything from the user interface to the experience was clean, easy-to-use and yet very customizable and versatile. With various templates and designs to choose from for your information, like credit cards, the app feels very personalized, as it should be. If you’re looking to secure your personal info with a single password and always have it on hand, look no further then oneSafe Essentials for iPhone.

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