oneSafe PhotosIf the default photos app security on the iPhone and iPad doesn’t cut it for you, oneSafe Photos is one of the best looking and more importantly one of the most secure photo-keeping alternatives.

oneSafe Photos is all about security. Right from start you’ll have the option between several passcode variations to choose from. Depending on what you’re used to and what you like, the choice will vary but your options consist of the standard 4-digit unlock code, an alphanumeric string (a word password like you would use for your email), an Android-style pattern and finally, the coolest of all, a combination lock wheel. That’s right, your password can be a combination lock. Although a gigantic pain to unlock, it can serve as one of the most secure password alternatives. So if you’re not very good at coming up with creative and secure password, the pattern or the combination wheel may be your best bet. Once you’ve got the password figured out, you can even set a decoy password. If a break-in attempt is made with a decoy password, your information will be safe while the intruder will be led to believe in false lack of information. The rest of the app, is business as usual. You can add photos by using a camera or you can simply load your existing ones from the photo library. Your choice. There are several section into which you can organize your photos, almost like albums, and also a section that features yet another passcode. This adds an added level of security and you can set a different passcode for this section as well. All you highly sensitive photos should go in there.

Overall, I found oneSafe Photos to be an extremely well made, quality application with amazing graphics, easy-to-use interface and small visual details in the right places that really bring the app to life. It was a pleasure to use oneSafe Photos and I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a little added security for their photos. Don’t hesitate to spend the few bucks on oneSafe Photos because it is 100% worth it.

Check out oneSafe Photos for iOS on the App Store!

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