ManilaEvery-day account management can be a real pain. All you want to do is just check the balance of PayPal, American Express and you phone bill. It doesn’t have to take more than 30 seconds. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app for that?

Manila for iPhone IS the app for that. In fact, its really good at what it does. All you have to do is make a free account and take several minutes to set up all your accounts within the application. Its smooth sailing after that because checking up on your accounts is as easy as opening the application. If you’re wondering about security, you have a valid point. Its a little dangerous storing all your account information in one place. However, Manila is very good at managing that risk because as soon as you leave the app, it is locked out with your password. Even if you double tap the home button to open the multitasker, you’ll be prompted for a password. You can make logging-in even easier by setting up a convenient passcode (just like the one you use to unlock your phone). I’m sure there are plenty more security features behind the scenes but these are the obvious ones. Lets move on to accounts and reminders. Manila will setup useful reminders for your account when its relavant. Like when your credit card is due in 3 days. All your reminders can be easily viewed in the reminders section, and its really easy to set your priorities with the information being all in one place.

Overall, Manila is a very great tool for staying organized and having quick access to all your accounts. While it is not an in-depth tool that can be used to transfer finances and manage your bank accounts for example, it is useful to aggregate all the information into one place. It is convenience tools and its really good at what it does. However, there is one problem. If you live in Canada, you’re going to have issues. Firstly, a ZIP code is required. Here in Canada we don’t have ZIP codes and require and alphanumeric entry method, while Manila only provide numbers. Small issue, but can be by passed by entering 12345, which happens to be a ZIP code somewhere in New York state. Even though at this point, you’ve successfully managed to create an account, there’s another problem. Almost all of the service providers are not relevant in Canada and the only ones I managed to make use of are Groupon and PayPal. While they work great, I’d love to take advantage of all the other services provided by Manila. So if you live in Canada, Manila is still somewhat lacking in Canadian localization unless all you require is Groupon and PayPal. Other than that, Manila is a great app and absolutely everyone should have this on their iPhone.

Check out Manila for iPhone on the App Store!

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