Photo sharing – seems like its been explored to the max on iOS with an absurd number of filter apps and the like. However, one app that stands out is Outin for iPhone.

Outin is a new way to share, throw and explore photos around the world. It has a unique in-out browser that allows you to choose between two exploration modes. The “out” browser lets you explore photos that have been thrown FROM places around you. Alternatively, the “in” browser lets you look at photos that have been thrown TO places around you. When you take a photo, your throw destination is determined randomly and you can end up throwing a photo several kilometers/miles or several thousand kilometers/miles away. This is what makes the in/out browser so interesting, you can have photos all over the world thrown to a place near and at the same time, you can see all the local photos thrown out of places around you. Outin allows for some awesome ways of exploring the world nearby and hundreds or even thousands of kilometes/miles away.

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Outin is also put together very well. The design is smooth, unique, and yet clean and enjoyable to use. There are some stylish details and the overall feel is of a complete product. There are also tons of free filters to spice up your photos before throwing away, they look great and provide a little creative touch. For anyone who loves photography, exploring the world or just enjoying some nice photos, Outin is definitely something to check out.

Check out Outin for iPhone on the App Store!

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