With Instagram slowly loosing its sparkle as a result of legal issues and the whole Facebook involvement, it might seem that it would be a good time for developers to come out with their own photo application. One such app is Pashadelic for iPhone.

Pashadelic is one among many applications for the iPhone that let you take, customize with a variety of filters and share photos right on your iPhone. Pashadelic offers a variety of ways to explore other users’ photos through lists, thumbnails and on a map. You can choose to browse nearby photos or search any topic anywhere in the world. I found that the interface was overall well done, apart from several places where it seems simply unfinished. For example harsh screen transitions where the next screen simply appears, I feel like could have been done better. There are several other minor details that slightly take away from the overall user experience. Nowadays, what sets apart a good app from a great app are the little details that enhance interactivity. Take them away, and you’re just left with a good app, which can be made better. Although Pashadelic feels like a good app, and everything seems to be there in terms of content, search functionality and filters, it doesn’t yet seem like a great app. The filter names look like they are just floating in space and seem out of place, the camera fails to open to open sometimes, that transitions don’t really exist, and the pull down to refresh arrow doesn’t animate. These are all little things that don’t affect much but those are the areas that can be improved.

Overall, Pashadelic does what its supposed to, sometimes a little buggy, but generally pretty good. Little details can use some refinement, and the user interface can be enhanced in the same way. I would definitely say that Pashadelic is a good app, but still has a little to go to be a great one.

Check out Pashadelic for iPhone on the App Store!

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  1. Anne says:

    Pashadelic seems to be very interesting app for Iphone. I love photographing and this can be more fun with Pashadelic downloaded in my Iphone, Fantastic app.

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