Plingi Juggle is a simple game designed to use up as little time as possible to start playing. Its simple, fun and somewhat addicting.

Plingi Juggle is extremely easy to play but it can get quite challenging if you continue playing. Basically what you have to do is juggle the falling grapes into the mixer without dropping any on the ground. The concept is the classic three-bounce style. So you have to catch the grapes initial fall, it will start bouncing towards the mixer and you have to move the platform and bounce the grape two more times before it lands safely in the mixer. The challenge is that there is more then one grape and they fall sporadically so you have to exercise your reaction time. Don’t drop the grapes tho, if you can’t catch more then two grapes, its game over. The goal is to catch as many as humanly possible.

Overall, the game is simple but it seems a little too simple. There isn’t much incentive to keep playing after the first few failures as there are no new items, unlocks, or anything of that nature. There are, however, game centre achievement which are better then nothing. Plingi Juggle is simple game and would be great for younger children, so for a free game, its really not a bad deal.

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