PopRocksIf you’ve ever wanted to be a rock star or at least pretend in a video game that you are, you must get your hands on one of the most addictive games where you do just that – Pop Rocks World HD for iPad.

Pop Rocks World HD is like Sims for the world of music culture. You’ll begin the game by selecting your character, filling out your name and other information. You will then be guided through a start-up guide, which I thought was extremely helpful and thorough. It will take your through all the basics and teach you how the game works. The idea is, in fact, very simple. Get rich and famous. Unfortunately, just like it isn’t so easy in real life, it’s not as easy in the game (although much more realistic). You will level up by playing shows that consist of tapping a button and watching a slot machine decide your success. If the odds are favourable, you will go on to receive more experience and money than if bombed your concert. You can also improve your performances by enhancing your personality, which consists of fame, charm and showmanship. You can do so by purchasing nicer clothes, instruments, and other materialistic things. You will eventually work your way up to recording your first catchy tune that will reward you with experience, fans and most importantly popularity.

Overall, Pop Rocks World HD is very well made. The graphics, although still not Retina optimized, are good and the playing experience is smooth, easy-to-understand and most of all addicting. if you’re looking for a well-made game that will take you on the journey of becoming a rock star, Pop Rocks World HD should definitely be on your list.

Check out Pop Rocks World HD for iPad on the App Store!

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