Camera applications are popular these days, simply because there is just so much potential in the iPhone camera that is not utilized by the default camera app. Today we’re looking at one of the better alternatives to third-party camera applications on the iPhone – called PowerCam™.

From the PowerCam™ home screen you’ll find that you have 4 major direction you can choose. Capture images & video, view your images & video in the local gallery, edit your images, or create your own collage. Let’s begin with capturing photos. PowerCam™ does this very well and offers many unique cool-looking filters for both shooting photos and video. You can easily swipe through them right from your camera view without having to dig any deeper. You can also just as easily tap the effects button and select one from the scroll menu. Want to take a video? No problem. The record button is right beside the shutter release button, tap once to switch modes and tap again to start recording. Simple as that. The effects you choose can be easily applied to either the photo or the video, your choice. Other settings include automatically saving to camera roll, face detection and several others. Taking photos is great, but what about looking at them later? The gallery also does that well. Jump in there to view all your photos and videos and easily copy them to your computer by accessing a URL in your browser on your Mac or PC. Editing photos is also very easy. Just jump into the edit menu where you can choose to work on the photos in the PowerCam™ library or any photo from your camera roll. You cannot edit video, just a heads up. Once the photo is selected you have the option of enhancing the photo, which includes auto adjust and brightness adjust, application of various effects (similar to live photo effects), cropping and rotating (including mirror flips). If you’re just looking to do something with your photos and don’t care too much about enhancing them, you can them make your way to the collage section of the app where you can put together a number of photos in an auto0layout collage. You can choose between various designs and easily adjust each photo crop inside the collage simply by panning within each photo.

Overall, PowerCam™ proves to be a very effective third-party camera application with tons of features, filters and functionality that is simply not available in the default app. I have, however, had one issue where the app just refused to focus on my subject after repeated taps on the screen to try and get it to focus. Just to compare, I pulled up the default camera app (from the EXACT same position) just to see how it would compare and exclude any hardware limitations. The default app seemed to focus instantly and also had much longer digital zoom. Although digital zoom is disgusting and should be rarely, if ever, used in practice, I though I would point it out anyway. In general, PowerCam™ was, indeed, a great experience.

Check out PowerCam™ for iPhone on the App Store!

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