Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 1.00.55 PMIf you love games where you build virtual cities, add structures, buildings and fun attractions, there’s a game that you should definitely check out. Its called Prehistoric Park Builder and its available as a universal app for iOS.

Prehistoric Park Builder is all about your stone age customers. The principle behind this game is it build the biggest, most enjoyable and attractive park that money can buy for your guests to enjoy. Fortunately, there’s a helpful guide that will get you started right away. Its easy to follow and the game in general is extremely intuitive and easy to play. The big playful buttons will help you navigate through the screen and choose exactly that things you want. The learning curve is very shallow and you’ll be up and running in no time. Prehistoric Park Builder is kinda of like rebuilding Disney Land in the prehistoric times. You’ll be building not only attractions for your customers but also facilities like rest benches, food booths and restrooms that make their visit to your park much more enjoyable. Keep an eye on their “thought bubbles” to get a good idea of what they want and try to adjust your park to provided those things. The happier that customers the happier your theme park business will be. Occasionally you’ll have to break up fights, collect money earned from rides and attend to your park in general so your presence in the game will be required occasionally. However, once you’re up and running with a few rides and some facilities, you won’t be too busy with the little things.

Overall, I thought Prehistoric Park Builder for iOS was a great game. It is built very professionally and offers a great gaming experience. The sound effects, graphics and gameplay are spotless and I had absolutely no complaints. As far as I can tell, this game has no downsides if you enjoy that type of game genre. Prehistoric Park Builder will suck you in right away and it may become highly addictive. My advice is to pace yourself and not to spend too much time on it at the beginning but rather spread out your gaming. You’ll have a great park and you won’t be obsessing over every minute spent building your rides. I highly recommend you check out Prehistoric Park Builder for iOS on the App Store.

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