3D printing has revolutionized production efforts around the globe and continues to be further developed each and every day. Now, you can maximize the benefits of 3D printing from the palm of your hand, as there are numerous 3D printing apps for your iOS devices that come with a variety of exciting features and functions.

For industry and for the general public, 3D printing has now developed in order to aid productivity and manufacturing. Industries such as dental, aerospace, and military aeronautics use 3D printing to produce complex, interlocking pieces and parts. And, personal 3D printers now allow small business-owners, like jewelry manufacturers, to easily print products with exceptional speed and mass quantities.

Now, with the help of several 3D printing apps for your iOS device, you can utilize 3D printing to the fullest extent and reprint the world around you on-the-go.

123D Sculpt and Autodesk

123D Sculpt is an app for your iOS device that will allow you to create and edit any of your designs whenever you are in a Wi-Fi zone. The app connects with Autodesk, an online Cloud where 123D Sculpt users can store all of their designs and even study the designs of other uses. The cloud-based storage means that you can easily share or print your 3D design from any of your iOS devices in quick and easy steps.

The app is also a great help to engineers, as the technology allows you to transform any series of your own pictures on your device into a 3D printable object. Building a machine or a part for a machine is made simple, as a photo of an existing object is all that is needed to construct a 3D version on 123D Sculpt that can be reprinted time and time again.


Perhaps you aren’t an engineer building small parts of an industrial machine – that’s where an iOS app like Tinkerplay comes into focus. If you are not an experienced 3D print-designer, Tinkerplay is a great place to start, as it is user-friendly and even manageable for children.

Tinkerplay has a range of instructions for your new 3D printing project, which are easy to follow and extremely helpful. With various foundational designs, you can personalize and mix-up the parts of the design in a creative way. Before you send your article to print on your personal 3D printer, you can test the range and function of your new object on the app screen to ensure its full capabilities.


Another great iOS app for 3D printing all of your personal items – such as clothing, jewelry, and even phone covers – is Thingiverse. Thingiverse gives you full control over all of your creative energies, as the app makes designing and sharing simple. You can quickly search the storehouse of items already created and find one that you like, or you can make your very own lampshade from scratch and control the outcome yourself.

All in all, it is best to try any of these 3D printing apps on your own iOS device to see which one will work best for your needs. And before you know it, you will be printing your very own items right from home.

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