Visage ProThe iPhone is one of the best portable cameras on the market. With so many users, no wonder there is high demand for photo applications. But it’s not always taking the pictures that you need. Occasionally it’s the editing. With Visage Lab it’s not a problem.

Visage Lab offers the most user-friendly, easiest and quickest portrait touch ups on iOS. All you have to do is load up a photo, or use the camera to snap one and the app will do its magic automatically. The end result is completely retouched photo that has been automatically optimized in several areas including skin makeup, eye makeup, shine removal, teeth whitening, wrinkle smoothing and color enhancement. By default all those areas are applied but you can choose to disable them one by one. In the edit screen you’ll have the option to apply several types of filters that include Instagram-like color adjustments, background image integration as well as lighting and stylize filters. With a quick button you also preview the before and after look, which is a nice touch. Once you’re finished with your creation, you can go ahead and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Email. You can also just choose to save the photo “as-is” to the photo library. While the free version of Visage Lab has some limitation on the size of the photo you can share along with some branding, you can choose to purchase the pro version for just 3 bucks.


Overall, Visage Lab proved to be quite good at removing glare and unwanted shine. It was extremely easy to use and very intuitive, with every touch and tap being everything but confusing. The app looks fantastic as well. The only downside is that you’ll be left wondering why your face can’t always look that way. So if you’re looking for an awesome app for portrait touch ups, look no further because this is definitely one of the best and easiest to use. And if you’re not completely sure about dropping the cash on the pro version, go ahead and check out the free version for now.

Check out Visage Lab for iOS on the App Store!
Check out Visage Lab Pro HD for iOS on the App Store!

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