A new way to share photos, text and experiences. PuXXles is a great looking app that is just as easy to use that will revolutionize what you think of social networking.

Ever want to send a visual riddle to someone? Share an interactive photo? Perhaps even embed a secret message? With PuXXles you can do all that and more. PuXXles will help you create jigsaw puzzles (configurable in several size difficulties), encrypted messages and share them with fellow Puxxlers or non-puxxler firends via email and SMS. The overall PuXXles environment is really user-friendly and filled with intuitive gestures, and simple navigation. Although I must admit, that at times, the icons with lack of titles can be a little confusing.

To get started, you create an account, create a profile, fill it with all information you feel is necessary and begin sharing your photos and messages. Invite you friends to PuXXles by sending them one, and soon you’ll have a community full of fellow Puxxlers. You can browse other Puxxler’s profiles, view their PuXXles and share the experience.

Overall, PuXXles is definitely one of the most unique ideas I’ve come across lately. For all social butterflies out there, PuXXles is a must see.

Check out PuXXles for iPhone on the App Store!

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