Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.01.36 PMWouldn’t it be nice if you could just have virtual business cards that you could always look up on your phone? Perhaps even look at them on a map? Well, this is the idea that Business Cards Info tries to accomplish on the iPhone.

Business Cards Info is an application designed to help you find business cards all over the world. Of course, its not the business cards themselves that you’re looking for, it is a particular server or maybe even a person. Business Cards Info helps you do so by providing a platform where you can search by type of business and other criteria including person’s name, location by country, province/state and some other factors. You can even post your own business card so that people looking for a related server can find you. Its possible to add a picture as well to provide a more visual appeal. If you did find something you’re looking for, you can always add it to your virtual wallet that is kept inside the Business Cards Info application. This entire concept is actually a very good idea and I see massive potential in it, but there are several issues.

There is no other way to put this, but the interface that you use to interact with the application is simply terrible. The countless fields where you have to type in information are intimidating even to the most technical of people, and some fields completely limit the use of the application. For example, here in Canada a postal code consist an alphanumeric 6 digit code, but the ZIP code field only allows numbers. There are other interface subtleties that create a very incomplete feel to the application, and some screen even look like they aren’t functioning until you realize that it was, in fact, intended to work this way. With so many amazing applications on the App Store it is hard to find an excuse for lack of good example. However, I must say that the idea is a very good one, and with extra work, Business Cards Info can really be something that you can put in your pocket and forget about all those paper business cards altogether.

Check out Business Cards Info for iPhone on the App Store!

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