USEFUL FEATURE:I just wanted to point out a feature that is very handy to know. Instead of keeping your iPhone perfectly levels and always slouching over to play the game, you can use the calibration feature to calibrate your iPhone to be “level” at say 45 degrees. That way you can sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy Reveal the Maze.

Reveal the Maze is a new game on for iPhone that will get you hooked in no time. Who thought that mazes could be so addicting.

Reveal the Maze is based on a unique maze concept where the lights have been turned off and the player must guide the ball through the maze in near absolute darkness using the accelerometer. Along the way you’ll discover power-ups that will make your journey a little easier, but watch out, because power-ups aren’t always what they seem and you just might encounter an obstacle that will slow you down, sometimes quite literally. Some items include the candle, which lights up the part of the screen where its located or the speedy, which speeds you up 1.25 times for a certain period of time. These two are the good items, among many. But there’s also items to avoid like the snail, which has the opposite effect of speedy, and will slow you down for a certain time span.

When you start playing, you will find that there are 5 worlds to choose from with 18 levels waiting for you inside each one. You must play through the game to unlock them, or if your patience runs short, you can always grab an in-app purchase to unlock up to which ever point you choose. Keep in mind though, that the more levels you unlock with the in-app purchase, the more it will cost. Unlocking all levels will run you just a penny below 5 bucks. There are tons of other in-app purchases available, however. You can purchase different lighting supplies like light bulbs, frisbees and flashlights that will help you guide through the mazes. You can even grab yourself 10,000 random items for a whopping $100! Theres also “cheats” as I’ll call them. For $10 a piece you can purchase removal of bad items and lighting up the end point. These will automatically be available on all levels and make your gameplay significantly easier.

As you can see, there are tons of aids of you’re feeling a little helpless. Of course you can choose to attack Reveal the Maze old school and just battle your way through the mazes using only brute force and countless minutes of precious time. Which ever alternative you choose to go with, be sure to check out Reveal the Maze for your iPhone.

Check out Reveal the Maze for iPhone on the App Store!

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