Greeting LandIf conventional paper greeting cards seem like wasted money to you, or perhaps you think its time to finally ditch the conventional ways and go digital, Greeting Land is the the app to check out.

Greeting Land for iPhone offers a great collection of greeting cards and customization options so that you can create your own, unique and fully customized cards to send to your loved ones and friends. Greeting Land features a large collection of cards from various categories and collections like Valentine’s day cards, Father’s Day cards and much more. There’s also the “popular” and “latest” categories that let you browse cards by other criteria. You also have a “my cards” section where you can save your cards that you’ve created. Editing a card is extremely easy, just select the one you like, tap edit and choose from a variety of task that include adding text on top of the card, adding a clip art or emoticon, and finally your photo. Once your card is complete you can wrap into a variety of different frames and apply several different filters that change the color balance of your entire card. Then simply tap share, choose your sharing options and you’re done!

Greeting Land is relatively straightforward to use, but there’s one big downside in my opinion. It isn’t a native iOS app and therefore runs with a bit of lag, things take a little longer to load, and the overall user experience is a bit sluggish. If Greeting Land was built natively for iOS it could have been a significantly better user experience in my opinion. Overall, however, it does a decent job all around and offers a good variety. If you’re into digital cards, give Greeting Land a go and see how you like it.

Check out Greeting Land for iPhone on the App Store!

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