PicertyIf you’re into taking pictures or just like to share some amateur iPhone photography in a new way, Picerty is the next app you should check out and see where it takes your creative picture taking abilities.

Picerty isn’t actually a camera app as you might image. It is simply an editor and a platform for sharing. Once you have some photos ready (preferably about 9), you can jump into Picerty and get started with making your collage. While you aren’t required to create an account, it would be in your benefit to do so in order to comment, liks and share other people’s creation. If you choose to go the quick and easy option then you can begin creating your masterpiece right away. What Picerty does is essentially organize your 9 selected photos in a 3×3 grid where you can then adjust the color balance via various filters, exposure and contrast settings and position of your photos within their bounding squares. You can also move them around and zoom them in and out with the native swipe and pinch gesture controls. You’ll find that the interface is intuitive and easy to use so the learning curve for making your creations is practically non-existent. Once you like how the photos are position and are satisfied with the colors, you can go ahead and share you creation with the world. If you opted in for the free account you will also be able to comment, like and share other people’s photos with the appropriate buttons below their Picerty.

Overall, I found that Picerty was a great idea and relatively well implemented. The general feel of the application does send a little bit of an unfinished vibe and there are a few glitches and bugs, although they aren’t critical and don’t actually inhibit the use of the application. I’m sure, however, that the application will be update consistently to improve on the user experience, and for that reason, you should go ahead and check it out and follow the progress.

Check out Picerty for iPhone on the App Store!

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