If you enjoy side-scrollers with great graphics, some interesting characters and fast game play, this next title might be something you will want to check out. Especially when its free.

The moment you jump into Skyrise Runner, you’ll notice that the graphics are very well done. Tap the start button and you’ll be thrown right into the game, after some general item selection, of course. The idea of Skyrise Runner is similar to any other side-scroller. Run, jump, shoot enemies and avoid giant holes in the ground. Sounds relatively simply, but very addicting and it comes with several tweaks. Running along, once in a while you’ll notice a feather. Jumping into will transform you into a flying bird that you control slightly differently. If you’ve ever played the helicopter game, or Jetpack Joyride, you’ll be familiar with the concept. Tapping once will elevate the bird ever so slightly and you must continue tapping the screen to keep it airborne. Watch out for trees or enemies because they will easily send you back to the ground where you will resume the run.

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Collecting coins and gems is also something that will be entertaining in Skyrise Runner. But besides collecting points, you also have to fullfil challenges given to you at the beginning of the level. Things like running a certain distance and doing special things will earn you check mark for that challenge and allow you to move on to other one.

Overall, Skyrise Runner is great game. I found some things like various sound effects to be a little “harsh” and low-quality. There are also some images in the game that weren’t 100% “retinafied”, but that’s really nitpicking and isn’t anything significant. You like side-scroller then this one is definitely a game to check out. So make sure to give it a download and let us know how you like it down in the comments below.

Check out Skyrise Runner for iOS on the App Store!

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