Sleep ApplicationAs the name of this next title might imply, the app will help you get to sleep and improve the overall quality of it throughout the night. While the affects will drastically depend on the individual response to sound-related sleep aids, this app seems to be somewhat decent.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Sleep Application is that user interface is extremely plain, difficult to understand and very unattractive. However, the lets look away from that for a second, because after all, the app is designed to help you sleep, and not stare at the quality of the UI. With that part sorted out, you can then begin to browse the extensive collection of background sounds that include everything from rainforest loops to avalanche loops. This may seem obvious to some, but you will require a pair of headphones in order for this to be effective, since the sound frequencies rely on the stereo effect to produce delta waves. There’s also synthesized music available for your enjoyment, however, it sounds very robotic (not surprisingly). While playing a loop or a music piece, you have full control over the foreground sound volume as well as the delta wave volume. From my understanding, the delta waves don’t have to be deafening in order produce the sleep-enhancing effect so this makes enjoy pleasant nature sounds very easy. The idea is very simple. Just turn on your favorite sound, set a timer, and go to sleep. As far as I can tell, the only downside is going to sleep with headphones in your ears, but if you have trouble sleeping, thats likely the least of your worries.

Overall, the Sleep Application has a very poorly designed UI yet offers an extensive library of sounds that actually sounds quite good. So if you have trouble sleeping and would like to give this app a try, it will only set you back one dollar. Even if it doesn’t end working for you, the chance that it will is worth the one dollar, in my opinion.

Check out Sleep Application for iOS on the App Store!

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