Slots can be fun, frustration and sometimes very costly. But rarely is it ever great looking entertaining, unless of couse you’re talking about Slot Bonanza for iPhone or iPad.

Slot Bonanza is an iPhone and iPad game, available as a separate app for each device and is probably the best slots game you can get on iOS. With amazing graphics, super simple game play, tons of awesome worlds and themes and even more random rewards, slots has never been this awesome on iPhone or iPad. You’ll start off with 6 worlds / themes that you can play in. Two of these themes are unlocked and the rest will be available to unlock with coins you earn in the game. Some also have level requirements that must be met before coins can be used to unlock the level. Other than that, there’s really nothing more that you need to know, just jump into any world and keep tapping the spin button until you win stuff. I should mention that you aslo have control over your bet and the number of lines to play, but lets me serious, if you just start playing, your bet will be maxed out along with the lines. It just makes sense that way.

The great thing about Slot Bonanza is that you get free coins all the time. Sometimes it will be in the form of 5 free spins (yes, technically they aren’t coins but realistically its the same thing) or daily bonuses. Regardless of the method, you’ll always have money to play Slot Bonanza and that is a good thing. If you like the addictive nature of gambling without spending any real money (although you could spend it on in-app purchases), I highly recommend you check out Slot Bonanza and report back here to tell us how you like it down in the comments below.

Check out Slot Bonanza for iPhone on the App Store!
Check out Slot Bonanza for iPad on the App Store!

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