Ever been in a situation where you needed to remotely press the shutter button on your iOS device? Nighttime photography anyone? Now you can with Snap Clap!

Snap Clap let you take photos on your iPhone without even touching it. Just clap your hands and the timer will start. You have the choice between 2, 4, 6 seconds for the timer and you can use both the front facing camera as well as the back, along with the grid and flash options. The camera itself it the default iOS camera with nifty custom interface which actually looks really nice. The only thing I must say is that clapping your hands doesn’t produce a consisten shutter release. The app seems to repsond to sharp high-pitched noise so a loud clicking noise with your mouth will do more then fine. In fact, I found that I was nearly 100% consistent with the mouth noise then the clap. The noise does, however, work and is a very cool way to take pictures on iOS. This can be especially useful if you’re taking nighttime photos and you just want to place your phone on a ledge or a stable surface to prevent any shake. Just click your mouth and you’ve got a flawless photo.

Overall I found that the app is extremely useful and I will surely be using in the future. Although clapping for shutter release does work, making any consisten high-pitched noise will do just fine but if you clap consistently in the higher end of the sound spectrum then that might be your best bet. Either way, Snap Clap is definitely something that any iOS photographer should have on hand and is one of the most useful apps I’ve come across for iOS. Highly recommend it.

Check out Snap Clap for iOS on the App Store!

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