Wave AlarmIf you’ve ever wondered if there’s a better way to snooze an annoying alarm in the morning, wonder no more, because with Wave Alarm for iPhone, all you have to do is wave at your phone and it will leave you be.

Wave Alarm is designed to make your waking up time just a little bit easier. Instead of shuffling around and about because you can find the swipe area or the snooze button on your phone, you can simply wave your hand across the top of your phone and it will let you sleep just a little bit longer. Simple as that. In practice, it works quite well and it does exactly what it’s supposed to, which is great, but I wish it could do a few things that it already should. For example, I like to leave my phone face down at night to prevent the screen from gathering dust all night long. Both sides of the phone feature a camera so there’s really no reason for it to work only face up. Other limitation are understandable from the OS side of things. Like the fact that your phone cannot go to sleep and must remain “on” all night long. These limitation are imposed by Apple’s iOS and there’s nothing that can be done about that.

While Wave Alarm is great and works exactly as you’d expect, there are some interface areas where I think it can use a little tidying up. Overall, the alarm screen looks great and the graphics here are hard to improve on, however, the settings screen where you configure all your fancy options doesn’t nearly match up to the quality of the alarm screen. While this is nitpicking, in my opinion, even the smallest details in interface design have an impact on the overall perceived quality of the product and therefore should be taken seriously. Wave Alarm is great alarm clock available for the iPhone only, and I look forward to seeing some minor improvements in the future updates.

Check out Wave Alarm for iPhone on the App Store!

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