SquirrelyToday we’re taking a look at a cool little game from Eminence Apps Inc that puts you in the shoes of a red flying squirrel that hunts down nuts on trees so it can feed its babies. The game is a universal application available for both iPhone and iPad.

Squirrely for iOS is based largely on this squirrel whose mission is to collect nuts that are scattered all over the trees and the sky. You’ll control this squirrel by tapping the point on the tree that you want to move to and double tapping to jump. Keep in mind that your squirrel won’t actually jump very far so you’ll have to keep tapping. What you want to do is collect as many nuts on your initial tree as possible and then make your way to the edge of the tree and swipe to fly to the next tree. During your flight you’ll encounter birds and whole lot of nuts too. Try to collect the nuts and avoid the birds. Squirrels and birds don’t mix well. Eventually, you’ll hit another tree and more nuts. You’ll repeat this collection process until you find your little baby squirrels that are waiting for food. When you reach them, the level is complete and you’ll move on.

Overall, Squirrely seems a little off to me. First of all, there are some layout issue on the iPhone 5’s longer screen. Some buttons are evidently not where they should be. Second, the graphics don’t appear to be nearly as nice as portrayed in the screenshots on the App Store. Strangely, they are blurrier and show clear signs of pixelation around the edges. The gameplay as well is not as responsive as it should be, and could really benefit from crisper controls. As a result, Squirrely just seems to lack a bit overall. I am hopeful that some of these issues will be resolved in the future updates. For now, feel free to check out Squirrely for iOS on the App Store.

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