If you’re a big fan of one of the best shows on the planet – The Walking Dead, you may be craving some zombie action while the show is on its summer holiday break. Satisfy those cravings with some Starving Zombies for your iOS device.

Starving Zombies, as the name implies, drops you right in the middle os some serious zombie apocalypse. You are alone and must fend for yourself with what you’ve got, which just happens to be some china plates, forks, spoons and an occasional bottle. As you progress through the levels and slaughter more zombies you will begin to discover new items and things that will make your life easier, or simply make it less short. The game controls are somewhat unorthodox and can be quite a challenge at times. Most you are likely familiar with the spring-loaded, pull-back Angry Birds-style action. with Starving Zombies its slightly different. Essentially you will pull back as normal, but there is no spring loaded mechanism, which forces you to actually swing your items with the momentum of your finger. This can be both exciting and very frustrating all the same time. The challenge of the game is to keep yourself alive as long as possible and progress through the levels. As you do, you will find that zombies get faster and grow in their numbers. Classic.

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Overall Starving Zombies will get quite addicting after you get used to throwing those items. The graphics aren’t very pretty but this game is more about the action then anything else, and the action as actually decent. I would personally love to see improved graphics for both the iPhone and iPad Retina display but at the same time I know how difficult or at times even impossible it can be double the resolution of your imagery. Either way, what we have here is Starving Zombies who would love to eat your brains. Protect your intellect by giving Starving Zombies a try.

Check out Starving Zombies for iOS on the App Store!

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One Response to Starving Zombies for iOS – Game Review

  1. Henry says:

    Wow Cool Game! and very Humorous. Hope that the developer makes the new version with more “unique” zombies and weapons.
    Oh once more, it would be great if there is a story in it.

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