YomaneyKeeping track of your accounts and daily spending can be a real hassle these days. With money flowing out of various account can be hard to keep an eye on, which is why Yomaney for iPhone is here to help.

Yomaney is designed to track your accounts, spendings, income and everything to do with your financial situation on a day-to-day basis. You can easily enter and add-in your account, to which you can add income and withdraw expenses. So every time you purchase a burger, you’ll pull out Yomaney and add a food item as an expense. Overtime, as you collect enough information about your spending habits, you’ll be able to access how and where improvements can be made. As a results, you’ll save money, free up money and perhaps improve your savings and/or investment plan. Yomaney offers a very customizable interface where you can essentially create any category of expense and income to more accurate access your financial situation. Yomaney even features useful alerts that help you remember to pay your bills on time and avoid hefty penalties. Overall, Yomaney does everything it can to help you save money overall, and that’s a very good thing.

In terms of the visual interface and small details, however, I have some issues with Yomaney. There is an enormous amount of room for improvement in the quality of the images used in the app. There is a mix of retina, non-retina and half-retina images that result in a very inconsistent look. Also, there is a decent number of visual bugs and glitches that cause misalignment in the interface. While none of these hinder the functionality of the app, it does have an affect on the overall perception of quality. With some changes and improvements, Yomaney has potential to be a really great financial tracker. However, if you couldn’t care less about the visual, than Yomaney is 100% ready for you and you can check out the Lite version free of charge below.

Check out Yomaney for iPhone on the App Store!

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