Stick RunSimple 2D side-scrollers are always a fun change when it comes to iOS gaming. So many vendors are striving for 3D perfection that we sometimes miss the simplicity of 2D side-scrollers. Today we’re having a look at Stick Run Mobile for iOS.

Stick Run Mobile is available as a universal application for both iPhone and iPad and its based on a very basic principle that you’re likely already familiar with – the stick run. You, take on a role of a life-loving stick individual whose sole mission is to survive for as long as possible. Since the run will involve sharp spinning blades and dangerous boxes, surviving is no easy feat. Controller the character by using the left side of the screen to slide on the ground and avoid overhead obstacles and the right side of the screen to jump over various dangers. You’ll be moving at a relatively quick pace so pay attention, and help your stick man survive the next 5 minutes. But you don’t have to always play alone. Stick Run Mobile offers a multi-player game mode where opponents are automatically selected and the game begins with 4 stick people and the beginning. Survive longer than the last opponent standing and you’ll be crowned a winner. So to speak.

Overall, Stick Run Mobile is a very simple, easy-to-play and easy-to-learn but difficult-to-execute-flawlessly type of game. If you enjoy fast-paced action in only two dimensions, then Stick Run Mobile is definitely something you should look into. There is a deluxe and a free version available so you can always test drive before spending just a dollar on the deluxe version. Whichever version you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with the multi-player game mode, which I personally think, set the game apart.

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