SupperheroFun games aren’t hard to come by these days. On the App Store you’ll find tons of selection, but it might not be exactly what you’re looking for. Today we’re taking a look at an awesome turn-based game that may puzzle you at first.

Supperhero, as you may have noticed is spelled with two a double “p”, and for good reason. Its about a superheroes that are going to save supper. Yes, its corny play on words but the game is actually fun. You’ll start off by running through a very thorough, yet brief, tutorial on how to play the game. The tutorial actually takes you through the first level, which you will defeat with ease and be well on your way to mastering your supper heroes. So by now you’re probably thinking “supper hero?”. Yes, basically the game revolves around the concept of a dirty, rotting, smelly fridge that emits evil creatures that can ruin supper. Your job is to use your clean fridge and a convoy of “good” supper heroes to save the day. It’s a turn-based game, so with every turn your fridge will deliver enough calories to begin spawning your heroes. Each turn ends when you’ve used up all your calories and all the heroes have had a chance to attack. Successfully win the level by destroying your opponents evil creatures. After each successful level you’ll be earning coins, experience points, have the opportunity to upgrade your heroes and even gamble (sometimes for free) with your earned coins for a chance to win new spells, heroes and upgrades.

Overall, I thought the game was actually very well put together and its just a breeze to get into. Some games have complex logic and a steep learning curve when it comes to get your head around the concept. However, with Supperhero it’s simple to get started and a whole lot of fun to play. The animations and sound effects really bring the game to life, and it comes across as a relatively high-budget production. If you’re looking for an entertaining game that is easy to get started with and is free to download, this is definitely for you. While there are in-app purchases, they aren’t necessary to play the game and are simply convenience features. So don’t hesitate and check out Supperhero for iOS on the App Store!

Check out Supperhero for iOS on the App Store!

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