Educational applications for kids are a great use for any iPad and today, we’re taking a look at not only an app but a whole series of application that will help make your iPad into a learning tool for your kids.

Talking Shapes is an iPad app and has 7 books in the complete series. It’s animated, interactive and completely educational. Developed by Dr. Jeannine Herron, a research neuropsychologist, this series of educational books is based on real science and has been shown to have measurable improvements in reading skills for children entering kindergarten. The books teach letters, phonemes and words through audio and drawing exercises while appealing to the fun and playful side of every child. Each book in the series tackles different letters and in combination covers the entire alphabet. There are several different puzzles in each book through which the kids learn to associate the sounds with letters and putting it together to form words. Throughout the story of each book, the words are used excessively. I imagine this helps reinforce the concepts even more.

Overall, the books are not only educational but they’re fun as well. The graphics and animations keep the kids engaged and the storyline helps maintain ongoing interest. The book is really easy to use as well. With just a few button to get started you can easily jump into any section to recap the sections if necessary. Navigating across section is easy, fluent and it makes the books very accessible throughout the child’s learning endeavours. For any parent that wants their kid to get a head start in reading, this is absolutely a must have.

Check out Talking Shapes for iPad on the App Store!

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