Ever find yourself stranded in the city? Or perhaps going out is a high-priority weekend adventure and you need ride. Don’t worry because with Taxi Finder you’ll be able to find a ride in seconds.

Taxi Finder helps you find and estimate cab fares quickly and easily. The very first, and most important, screen that you’ll see is the map view with a “to” and “from” textfield where you can enter an address or search term to determine your starting and ending location. Alternatively, you can drag the green and red pins to your desire location on the map. This is my preferred method as it avoids typing altogether. As soon as that last pin is dropped, you will be informed your estimated cost for the trip based on a flat fee, mileage expenses and it will even include a suggested tip. With just a couple of taps you’ll be more informed about the potential hit on your wallet. Occasionally you’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar location searching for helpful landmark to help instruct the taxi dispatch service about your location. With Taxi Finder this becomes significantly easier when you use “Where Am I?” feature. It clearly outlines your estimated address, and shows exactly where you are which makes talking to taxi dispatch much more productive.

Overall, I found Taxi Finder to be extremely helpful and very easy to use. No matter where you are, finding the price of a cab ride has never been easier. If you live in the city, don’t own a vehicle or simply use the taxi on a regular basis, this app is absolutely a must have especially considering that its completely free. Go ahead and check it, you won’t regret it.

Check out Taxi Finder for iPhone on the App Store!

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