Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.19.35 PMWriting articles or stories on the iPad can be a daunting task if all you know is the default Notes application. Luckily for those less aware of better alternatives, we’re looking Textkraft Professional, which help ease the pain of composing on your iPad.

Textkraft Professional is a comprehensive tool for writing, formatting, reading and organizing documents, stories and articles on your big-screened iPad. Optimized for the iPad Pro, it features tons of functionality that will help you format the text precisely as you want. With custom fine-grained cursor controls, rich-text formatting and highlighting, Textkraft will provide all the tools you’ll need to style your story. With an offline dictionary and several other linguistic aid, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the resources you need. Textkraft also offers many sharing options and access to various platforms such Dropbox and even directly to iTunes file sharing. Aside from a complete list of professional-level features, Textkraft provides easy swiping between documents, a grid layout with reordering, and passcode protection among many others.

Overall, I thought Textkraft was a great collection of features but for me, personally, lack that polished look and feel of a high-end iOS application. Getting started with the app is also not that simple. There is little to no guidance and all actions are represented by icons, which most of the time are difficult to understand until it’s actually tapped. With a little trial and error you can be up and running but I really wish there would be a simpler way.

Check out Textkraft Professional for iPad on the App Store!

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