Map CalculatorHave you ever needed to measure distances on a map? Perhaps find out the area of your local soccer field, or calculate the exact distance of an obscure hiking trail? With MapCalculator for iOS, all this is extremely easy to do.

MapCalculator is one of the best map measuring tools for iOS. Its primary goal is to make measuring distance as simple as possible. MapCalculator actually uses the Google Maps map data instead of the Apple Maps. Google Maps information offers a much more accurate measuring experience especially when it comes to satellite imagery and 3D buildings. It looks way better too. You can begin a measurement simply by moving the center pin to a start location and tapping the plus button to add your start point. From there, moving the center pin and adding more points will create a path. The path’s distance is automatically updated in the top bar and can be configured to show the distance in many different units, including specialty units like Fathoms, Cables, Nautical Miles, Links, Rods, Chains and more. Tapping on the distance display will also let you switch to area mode. Area exists for every path, even if its not complete. While it may be confusing at first, it actually makes sense because the area is calculated based on all points so in essence, the first and last points are connected behind the scenes.

What I love about MapCalculator is that its also highly customizable and it actually lets you configure your own color and line thickness for the paths drawn on the map. You can also save and load paths, allowing you to create collections of measured paths. I image this would be helpful for anyone using the application professionally like roofing companies, land surveyors, and the like. Unlike the Apple Maps and even Google Maps for iOS, MapCalculator also offers a terrain view for the map tiles.

Overall, I thought that MapCalculator was very well put together and offers a very complete map measuring experience. Excellent for tourist and professionals who are looking for a great looking, consistent and easy-to-use map measuring tool, MapCalculator is one of the most versatile utilities on the App Store. I highly encourage you to check it out and see how you like. Have you tried out MapCalculator calculator? Post in the comments below you experience with MapCalculator.

Check out MapCalculator for iOS on the App Store!

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  1. Nelson hill says:

    I haven’t tried MapCalculator before, but my friend recommended it. This is exactly what I need and intend to use it very soon.

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