Last MatchThere are tons of puzzle games out there. Some are complicated, others take weeks to learn. This one has a learning curve of less than five seconds and is more addicting then coffee. And we love coffee.

Last Match for iPhone is exactly what the name implies. The person to take the last match, looses the game. Those are the rules. The game is brutally simple to play and can be enjoyed on your own, challenging the computer named Al or alternatively you can play with a friend on the same screen. If you’re familiar with the game already than this is no brainer and you may be interested in exploring other awesome variations, which are listed below. If this is your first time seeing it, then lets go over some rules. There are three rows of matches. You can take as many matches as you want but they have to be from the same row. The idea is to leave your opponent with the last match. It might sound easy, but it can be extremely challenging. There are some variations and they become progressively more difficult. The complete list is below:

This is the game type we discussed above. Very simple and straightforward. Great for children who are learning to count.

The rules are the same as in the classical style, but there are color matches: blue and green. Green match adds another 3 usual matches in a row, and it can not be more than 7 matches in the row. Blue match adds one usual match.

In this mode there is no green match, there is a red match. Red match removes one usual match of adjacent rows.

This mode is not for the weak, then there are all color matches, and in order to win, you really need to think.

Overall, I thought Last Match was very well made. The graphics, animations and easy of game play all add up to an awesome iPhone game. I did find, however, the script-style font to be a little hard to read at times. I understand it add to the game style but there are tons of alternatives that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In general, though, this game is definitely something to try if you like to use your brain and enjoy puzzle games. Go ahead and check it right now because its free for a limited time (as of Apr 26th, 2013).

Check out Last Match for iPhone on the App Store!

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