Education is becoming increasingly more popular on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. A new app, Toddler Counting & Alphabet, designed to teach your toddler the ABC’s and how to count recently hit the App Store shelves and offers great insight into what education apps may look like in the near future.

Toddler Counting & Alphabet takes a unique approach to teaching the ABC’s and numbers. Your toddler is encouraged to put together various images of dinosaurs from cut up strips. Each strip is labeled with a number or a letter, depending on which game mode is chosen, and has a corresponding the letter or number in the placeholders below. The strips are randomly scattered and the goal is to put the image back together using the the numbers or letters as a guide. As your child matches the numbers and letters on the strips with the placeholders, they are continuously exposed to the correct order of numbers and the alphabet that will help them better understand how to count and learn the alphabet. As a reward for learning and playing they are also awarded the final image and a sticker to place on the dinosaur egg.

Toddler Counting & Alphabet offers four game types. Count to 10, count to 20, alphabet upper-case and alphabet lower-case. This covers a wide range of learning and will keep toddlers busy for some time. The interface is very appealing and I would imaging would be even more interesting in toddler’s eyes. The overall presentation of the application is excellent and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is willing to spend $1.99 on their children’s education. It is well worth the investment.

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