In this digitally complex world, the gadgets come to the aid in most of the cases. They have made life easier, and you can never imagine a day without these smartphones and computers. If you are ecologically conscious and need to protect the environment in one way or the other, then these eco-friendly apps can come handy.

1. The Green App

You need to know all about the ecosystem before you can do something about it. So, this app is really helpful in introducing the ecology and the renewable sources of energy. You will be informed about what is going around you and lets you do something worthwhile in preserving the ecology. You can get this app in any of the following languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

2. Walk Score

Vehicle emissions contribute more to the pollution of the atmosphere. If you want to control the emissions, you can walk, which is also good for your health. The walk score app gives you a map of all the areas for finding the distance. This app also shows you the shortest route and tells you how much distance you can cover by walk. You can now walk more and drive less.

3. Good Guide

When you want to be eco-friendly, you should know what sort of products is green. Use the Good Guide app to scan and to know the products you buy from the grocery are safe, healthy and green. Every product you scan is given some points, and there are filters to categorize. The results are given based on the health and environment friendly nature of the products. The app tells if the product has failed or passed the test and also recommends few replacements.

4. iRecycle

The great thing you can do the eco-system is always trying to replace before you discard anything. The iRecycle app tells you what can be recycled, which includes the hazardous items and electronic gadgets. You can also get the list of the recycling centers that are close to your locale.

5. Light Bulb Finder

The energy efficient bulbs are always recommended conserving energy. If you are not sure which is efficient in saving electricity, then various bulbs of different purposes are clearly mentioned on this app, to select the best.

6. Ecocharge

Conserving the electrical energy is the need of the hour to save the environment. If you leave your cellphones and laptops charged for hours even after they are completely charged, then the Ecocharge app rings an alarm to remind you to switch off the chargers.

7. iViro

You should be aware of what your home consumes and what it emits. This is done with the iViro app, which aims at making the home more sustainable to live. This app tells you how much heat, electricity and water consumption is given for a year and also informs you the emission rate of carbon dioxide. You can become more aware of the cost and the energy efficiency of your home to become more eco-friendly.

8. Farmers Market Finder

This app tells all about the farm, poultry, meat, and contact details of the farmers markets. However, this is currently available in the US only.

9. Go Green

If you want to know all about going green and becoming eco-friendly, then the Go Green is the most comprehensive apps for the smartphone. You get tips and all information regarding saving the environment and going green.

10. Water Print

This app tells you the water footprint of all the items that include foods, beverages, household and products. You can know how much water is consumed for each of these purposes.
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