From UpsideDown Games comes another wonderful learning tool for kids that makes learning colours and number as easy as one, two, three. Its called Trunky Fish Game and it takes a fishy approach to the game characters.

Trunky Fish Game helps your kids learn colours and numbers in a variety of ways. It employs easy-to-follow mini games where kids can first learn how to play in an easier version and gradually move up to more difficult mixed and challenging alternatives. Not only is Trunky Fish Game great in English, but it is also available in German, Arabic and Swedish. So even if you’re no longer a child you can still take advantage of Trunky Fish Game for learning other languages.

In the first few games, Trunky Fish Game will introduce you to catching the cute fish characters out of the pond based on their colour or what number they are holding in their mouth. The real learning experience comes from listening to the announcer pronounce the colour, number or letter and then visually finding it on the screen. A well thought-out experience. As your kids master the easier level they will be able to move up to games where the colours and numbers are mixed and they will have pay a little more attention to what they need to look for. Trunky Fish Game also has a great multiplayer mode for two players, perfect for two kids to grab their own fish out of the water. But watch out, your kids may get a little competitive.

Overall, Trunky Fish Game is fantastic learning experience for every child. As expected, this is yet another great title from UpsideDown Games. If you have kids or you would love to start learning German, Swedish or Arabic, Trunky Fish Game is the perfect app to carry in your arsenal on the iPhone and/or iPad. For just $2 you get a great universal app that will work on both of your devices. I highly encourage you to check out Trunky Fish Game on the App Store.

Check out Trunky Fish Game for iOS on the App Store!

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