Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 6.49.43 PMThe Apple Watch has been around for several months now, but you may have noticed that it’s missing something – notes. Fortunately, there are many applications out there to fill the void. Today were taking a look at one simple alternative called Uber Note.

Uber Note is very straightforward. It aims to provide a service that is natively missing on the watch, and that’s note taking. Using Uber Note couldn’t be easier. You can tap to add a note and type some text. There’s no styling, font selection or even font sizes. The text very simply goes into a box and is saved to both your iPhone and Apple Watch by default. Alternatively, you have two options for each note. It can be pinned to the top of the list, or it can be excluded from Apple Watch. The defaults will automatically pin the note and add it to the Watch. That’s really all there is to it. As you add notes, you’ll see them on the Apple Watch for your convenient reading. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to add notes on the Watch so all the creation will have to take place on the iPhone first.

Overall, I found Uber Note to a very simplistic application. It does what it says. Nothing more, nothing less, so in that regard it does quite well. However, I’d like to see more fonts, customization of text sizes and an improved text editor. The overall user interface can also use an overhaul as it is significantly underdeveloped. Despite the downfalls, if you want notes on your Apple Watch, go ahead and check out Uber Note on the App Store!

Check out Uber Note for iPhone on the App Store!

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One Response to Uber Note for iPhone – App Review

  1. DPG Mobile says:

    Thanks for your great review. Uber Note solves a very simple problem – easily getting notes on your watch and keeping them in sync with your phone. We have already started an upgrade for the new Watch OS that will include many of the features you note above, most importantly the ability to create notes on the watch using Siri (since typing on the watch is note really an option!)

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