Ultimate Stick FightIf you’re a fan of Street Fighter and Mortal Combat style games, then you’re in for a treat because we are taking a look at Ultimate Stick Fight for iPhone.

Ultimate Stick Fight is a fantastic little side-scroller that puts you in the position of a stick man, who’s job is to rescue the city from all the evil stick men. Yes, I know, the story sounds a little cheesy but that game is actually quite nice. You’ve got similar controls to any arcade fighter with two arrows on the left to move your character around and several other button on the right that will let you punch, jump, kick and pick up items that you can use as weapons. Aside from the basic functionality, all these buttons can be used to perform combination attacks like “left left punch” and many more. Additional combos can also be purchased with in-game coins. The game is based on several stages, with each getting progressively more challenging and introducing more enemy types and characters. After each stage you have the opportunity to upgrade your character, purchase more combos or upgrade your existing combo with the coins you’ve earned from previous rounds. Its a fast paced environment and highly addicting.

Overall, I found Ultimate Stick Fight to be a spectacular way to kill some time. It’s a great game, with one minor complaint being that it doesn’t support retina graphics. But to honest, its something you hardly notice amidst all the action. If you’ve played the classic fighter arcade games, then you’ll love Ultimate Stick Fight.

Check out Ultimate Stick Fight for iPhone on the App Store!

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