Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.31.14 PMIf you’re a traveller, you know that getting correct information when you’re out exploring the world is essential. With VadoVia for iPad, not only will you gather experiences of other travellers but will also get to share your own.

VadoVia is all about crowd-sourcing the best travel information around the globe. You will have access to real people’s experiences, photos and videos right from your iPad. To get started, simply create an account with your email address and setup your profile. You will need this in order to start browsing tours and start creating your own. If you’ve been somewhere that you would like to share with your fellow VadoVia audience, jump into “Create Tour” and start documenting your experience. You can use the map to pin points location of interest, add photos, write some comments and recreate your experience in a digital format. When you’re all you’ll be ready to share your creation with the world. Browsing tours is even easier. Some one out there has already gone through the process and created a tour. Open up the map and you’ll find pins of tours that you can browse. Opening up the detail will reveal more information about the tour where you can view the photos, videos and comments about the person’s experience. The app also offers various facilities to help you find what you’re looking for, including locations search and an array of filter settings.

Overall, I thought VadoVia had a great idea and was relatively well implemented. The user interface, while mostly well constructed, lacked retina images in several areas and was somewhat hard to navigate. In general, walking through the app was a little confusing and not very intuitive. VadoVia does what it’s supposed to do but I think it could have done a better job on the user-experience level. At the cost of $6, it’s a little pricy for the quality of experience, in my opinion. Other than that, if you’re a traveller, don’t hesitate to give this app a look.

Check out VadoVia on the App Store!

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