Some games are just better with less controls. In fact, the more addicting and crazy the game is, the more controls it tends to have. However, with Vector HD, you’ve got a single control – your thumb. And the game? Mindblowing.

Vector HD takes you to a world of pure control. If you’ve seen recent sci-fi movies of that nature, the concept shouldn’t be of that big of a surprise to you. But in Vector HD, you don’t just sit there. You break out and run. The whole game is structured around this concept. Each level you play is a scene of the action – you running from the enemy. Don’t let the guy in the back catch up, or you’ll find yourself zapped on the ground. So back to the controls. You’ve got a single gesture that controls your guy. A swipe up will make you jump and perform variations of the jump when necessary to climb a wall, spin around an obstacle and the like. You also have the swipe down which will help you save your head with ground slide manoeuvre. Finally, the swipe right will speed you up so you can jump long distances between building and perform crazy stunts while you’re at it.

The game is actually extremely addicting and keeps you on the edge at all times, which is surprisingly hard to do these days. The graphics are a whole other story and provide a very unique gameplay experience. You’ve got two layers to game, the interactive layer is in the foreground and the background consists of the city towers, buildings and the like. The foreground is a single shade of black and it houses both you, your enemy and interactive objects like pigeons, items, points, etc. The background never changes but provides dimension to the entire experience. The black foreground, despite being entirely black, adds a significant amount of life to the game. Vector HD is general is a very lively experience.

Overall, I found the game to be extremely well done, both in terms of audio and visual quality. For just $2 Vector HD is an absolute steal and I highly recommend this to every serious gamer with an iPad. Vector HD is a must have. If you’ve already had a chance to get your hands on Vector HD, let us know how you like in the comments below.

Check out Vector HD for iPad on the App Store!

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