Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.22.21 AMStaying organized has never been easier with so many awesome tools and utilities available on every iOS device. Today, we’re taking a look at a calendar app called VigCal that will help you maintain structure, get things done and never be late for anything.

VigCal is a universal app available both on iPhone and iPad. It is designed to resemble the default calendar application but with its own take on certain features. It lets you do very similar things, like create events, browse events in day / week / month views, view by calendar, etc. With VigCal you can create separate calendar and populate event in each. Adding location to events, sharing events and even printing PDF versions of events is easy to do with VigCal. It also features simple horizontal scrolling views for day, week and month that lets you quickly navigate to the date you’re looking for. Browsing in week view presents numbered weeks (1-52) that let you quickly jump throughout the year. VigCal is great at customizing your experience as well. You’ll be able to customize anything from minute intervals for time changes to the passcode required to login. You can find almost any setting that you’d want to change in the app’s preferences.

Overall, I thought VigCal was an okay application. The reason it wasn’t great is mainly because it lacks seamless integration with the default calendar and the UI/UX side of things is on the low-end side. Nowadays, any calendar application needs to compete with big apps like Fantastical and even the stock calendar app that offers effortless iCloud sync, Google Calendar integration and much more. If you’re looking for a simple, yet feature rich calendar application, go ahead and take VigCal for a test drive.

Check out VigCal for iOS on the App Store!

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